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How to Score a Complimentary Hotel Upgrade in Asia at Check-in


Want a complimentary hotel upgrade at check-in? Look no further! Here are 4 witty ways to secure that coveted luxury room - from leveraging your charm, to exploring alternative accommodations and having an elite status. Read on for our expert tips.

Give a Positive First Impression

First impressions are everything! And when it comes to securing a complimentary hotel upgrade, you'll want to give the best one possible. So, dress to impress! Pajamas might be comfortable, but they won't convince the front desk to upgrade you. Arrive early and be prepared to use your emotional intelligence. Be polite and engaging with the staff, and you'll be more likely to catch their attention. But don't overdo it! Reading people and social situations is key. Remember, the front desk is looking for someone who will make the hotel look good, so make yourself the perfect candidate. Stay charming, be sociable, and connect with the people around you. It's not always about what you say, but how you say it! So, arrive in style and put on your best smile. With a bit of charm and savoir-faire, you'll be on your way to a complimentary room upgrade!

Finally, once you've made a connection, compliment the hotel sincerely. A great way to do is by giving a shout out on social media. Use a witty and a great photo, and tag the hotel's official account. Hotels take media seriously will value the contribution you make to brand. tips are a great way to make real connections with hotel staff, who can be the gatekeepers upgrades.

When & Where you book your deal determine the price & benefits

Looking for a hotel upgrade but don't want to break the bank? Consider exploring alternative accommodations. One easy way to score a complimentary hotel upgrade is by booking a midweek stay. Hotels are often less crowded during the week, so they may be more likely to offer a complimentary upgrade to a loyal customer. Another way to explore alternative accommodations is to consider underdog properties. These hotels may not have the same brand recognition as larger hotel chains, but they often offer the same amenities at a lower cost. Plus, they may be more willing to offer a complimentary upgrade to guests who book directly with them. For examples, I had the benefit of staying in Zurich Renaissance Marriott instead of the popular Zurich Marriott. The Renaissance property was about 10 min way but they gave me a free suite Upgrade. Considering spending 8 hours vs 10min, i think the choice was clear!

Have an Elite Status or Mention a Special Occasion

Let’s be honest, if you’ve just rocked up to the hotel in your sweatpants with no mention of a special occasion, it's quite unlikely that you’ll be offered a VIP treatment or an upgrade. However, if you’re smart, then earning an elite status with the hotel or joining the loyalty program can significantly increase your chances of getting an upgrade. Trust me, you don't have to be a high roller to join a loyalty program - each one offers exclusive perks to their members, such as late checkout or free Wi-Fi. Additionally, if you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a honeymoon or an anniversary, just letting the hotel staff know about it can go a long way in scoring you a room upgrade. But don’t go overboard – they can easily see through the vague attempts of flattery. If you’re sincere and keep it simple yet thoughtful, you might just find yourself hitting the jackpot.


In summary, securing a complimentary hotel upgrade in Asia is not impossible. With our witty ways of giving a positive first impression, leveraging uniqueness, exploring alternative accommodations, and having an elite status or mentioning a special occasion, you might just score that upgrade you deserve. Remember, dress to impress, arrive early, and use emotional intelligence. Use flattery with discretion, share unique stories, and compliment the hotel sincerely. Book a midweek stay, consider off-the-beaten-path lodgings, and join booking directly. Finally, earn an elite status, mention a special occasion, or join a loyalty program. These keys to success will ensure a great stay in Asia.

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