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Marriott Double Elite Night + Bonus Points

For those who are in the knows, Marriott always start the early ahead witth the double elite nights

That means

  1. Every night you stay, it counts as 2 nights

  2. Every nights you stay, earns extra 1000pts

That translate to

  1. Marriott Elite Status - Platinium and above is now cheaper to attain; instead of 50 nights, you get it with just 25 nights

  2. Every mattress run is also cheaper with 1000pt earn. Every 20nights stayed/run earns you one extra free night

I usually don't hesitant to clock at least 50 nights during this promotion. Do should also know that the mattress run per night will get more expensive into March as the number of vacancy will decrease. From $68/night currently, the price will be increase later the month

So check out our mattress run and start your Platinium journey early!

Register for this promo before you start the mattresss run

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