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The Benefits of Elite Hotel Status: Why It's Worth the Effort


Are you tired of staying in average hotels? Do you want to upgrade your hotel experience and make the most of your travels? Then you might want to consider attaining Elite Hotel Status. Elite Hotel Status is achieved through loyalty programs offered by various hotel chains around the world. These loyalty programs provide guests with exclusive benefits that are not available to regular guests. As you climb up the status ladder, you will enjoy more perks that can significantly enhance your hotel experience. By attaining Elite Hotel Status, you can enjoy benefits such as upgrade priority, early check-in, and late check-out. You will have the opportunity to get room upgrades, earn bonus points and free nights, access exclusive lounges, and receive priority customer service. These benefits can add significant value to your hotel stay and help you save some money. So, the question remains, is it worth the effort? Absolutely! With exceptional service and exclusive perks, attaining Elite Hotel Status is definitely worth the effort and can transform your hotel stay into a luxurious experience.

Upgrade Priority, Early Check-In, and Late Check-Out

So, you’re wondering what all the fuss is about with elite hotel status? Well, let me tell you, it’s definitely worth the effort! Beyond the bragging rights that come with a shiny new status card, the benefits of achieving elite hotel status are manifold. Upgrade Priority, Early Check-In, and Late Check-Out: these may sound like insignificant benefits, but trust me when I say that they are anything but! As an elite hotel member, you’ll be given priority when it comes to room upgrades. Who wouldn't want to swap a basic room for a luxurious suite? Plus, you’ll get to enjoy early check-in and late check-outs—ideal if you’ve had a long journey or want to make the most of your time in a new city. In fact, according to a recent study, travelers who take advantage of early check-in and late check-out can save an average of $138 per stay. That certainly adds up over time! Not to mention the hassle it saves from having to schlep around your luggage while you wait for a room or kill time between check-out and a late flight. So, there you have it—upgrade priority, early check-in and late check-out aren't just minor perks, they can save you time and money. Who said that hotel status wasn't worth pursuing?

Free Room Upgrades, Sometimes it's Guaranteed!

Room Upgrades: Imagine checking into a hotel room, and as you enter, you're suddenly hit with an unexpected wave of luxury. From an extravagant king-sized bed to a room twice the size of your current living space, hotel room upgrades can seriously up your vacation game. But what are these room upgrades, and how can you get them? Different hotels offer different room upgrades, ranging from a better view to a luxurious suite. You can get these upgrades by being a loyal member of the hotel's rewards program or just by asking the front desk nicely if there are any available upgrades. The benefits of room upgrades are splendid - more space to spread out, better views to wake up to, and beautiful decor to bask in. Plus, room upgrades make for the perfect Instagram-worthy vacation shot. So, the next time you're planning a vacation, make sure to enquire about room upgrades. Who knows? You might just get the suite of your dreams!

Bonus Points and Free Nights

Do you love free stuff? Who doesn't, right? Hotels understand this and have come up with a genius way to reward loyal customers through bonus points and free nights. But what are they, exactly? Well, bonus points are exactly as they sound - additional points that you can earn on top of your regular stay points. Free nights are even better - they allow you to cash in your points for a free stay at a hotel within the chain. So, how do you earn these rewards? Sure, staying at the hotel is a given, but there are also other ways to earn points. For example, signing up for credit cards affiliated with the hotel, dining at affiliated restaurants, or even renting a car from affiliated companies can all earn you points. But why should you care about bonus points and free nights? Simple - they can save you money! Why pay for a night's stay when you can use your points instead? Plus, the additional perks and upgrades that come with elite status can make your stay even more enjoyable. So, collect those points and enjoy the spoils of your loyalty.

Lounge Access - With Breakfast, Cocktails and Evening Canapes

So, you've got elite hotel status, what's the big deal? One of the biggest perks is lounge access. Lounge access provides a dedicated space for guests to relax or work, usually with complimentary food and drinks. Who doesn't love freebies? Moreover, lounge access allows guests to avoid the hustle and bustle of the hotel's common areas and elevators. But lounge access isn't just about freebies and peace and quiet. Access to a lounge can be a game-changer, especially for business travelers. Meetings can be conducted in a private, professional environment, so you don't have to worry about the noisy hotel lobby. Worried about how to get lounge access? Don't stress. Elite hotel status usually guarantees lounge access, depending on the hotel brand. If not, there are ways to purchase lounge access passes or even use credit card perks to gain lounge access. Overall, lounge access may seem like a small benefit, but for frequent travelers, it can be life-changing. Whether it's enjoying snacks and drinks or conducting business meetings, lounge access is a perk worth having.

Priority Customer Service - Faster Booking, Free Arrival Goodies!

Priority Customer Service: When it comes to elite hotel status, priority customer service is a major perk. You'll receive personalized attention from the hotel staff and the service will be tailored to your needs. This means your check-in and check-out process will be smoother, your requests will be fulfilled faster, and you'll generally receive more attention than other guests. Prioritized customer service is important because it can make or break a hotel experience. You want to feel cared for and valued - and elite hotel status delivers just that.


Elite hotel status may seem like a distant dream, but the benefits are worth the effort. From priority customer service to free room upgrades, the perks can save you a lot of money. For frequent travelers, the extended check-in and late check-out times are lifesavers. Imagine, you'll never have to wait until 3 pm to check-in or have to head to the airport with hours to spare. To get the best of loyalty programs, it's essential to do your research. Who doesn't love to get more for less?

With EliteStatusUpgrade, you can actually get those statuses much much easier!

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