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What is a Mattress Run? 

In its simplest form, a mattress run is when you book and pay for a hotel room (that you otherwise wouldn’t need) to earn rewards or qualify for hotel elite status.


Why will you need a Mattress Run?

  • Mattress runs for elite status
  • Mattress runs to earn points
  • Mattress runs to maximize a promotion
  • Other mattress run considerations

Additional out-of-pocket costs

You usually have to spend something in addition to the room rate to complete a mattress run. If you drive to your local hotel, this might be gas for your car. Or it could be an additional meal you wouldn’t have paid for at home. You also should account for your time.

 This listing is help you to booster the qualifying nights no matter for what reason in the above to save you times and money, no need to book or show up. 


Important Notice: 

  • This is not a real booking for you to stay, which is just to qualify your elite status.
  • We will need your Member No. & Tier Status, Name., Cell Phone Number,Email,Passport #. Please send via checkout/biz message once you place the order.
  • 1 quantity for 1 night



Hyatt Mattress Run /Nights

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